Baxter Clement

Baxter is a born musician, quirky but able to play pretty much anything he picks up (including the piano which he can NOT pick up.) He attended the the O'Neal School and then North Carolina School for Performing Arts for high school where he studied classical guitar.  He then went on to earn a full scholarship to Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music where he met his future band mates.

Upon graduation he moved to New York, worked as a pit musician on Broadway and created a band which found a good bit of success, The Blondes, Inc.  He later toured with Richard Lloyd, formerly of Television. He returned to North Carolina in 2006, opened a teaching studio (Sandhills School of Performing Arts) and finally pursued his passion for finding beautiful guitars by opening Casino Guitars.Baxter is married to Taylor and father to: three boys, one cat and two stuffed animals (Maggie and Nessie.) 

James Villone

James Villone has been with Casino Guitars since the very beginning and was teaching alongside Baxter Clement for several years before. James grew up somewhere in the woods outside of Carthage, N.C. and spent their younger years dedicating themselves to the craft of various and sundry musical endeavors and also being a huge video game nerd.

James has toured up and down the east coast as a member of several different regional bands and has acted as a creative director and producer for a few others. James is also a singer songwriter and lifelong guitarist, you can find their music here:   We promise that James isn't always grumpy that's just how their face looks! 

Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson is a guitarist and a songwriter from rural North Carolina with a broad range of influences and styles and they all show up in his writing and guitar playing.Born in NC, Jonathan paid his dues as a sideman in Nashville, only to end up back in his hometown making the music he loves and grew up with.

The new EP is filled with the sounds of Southern Rock, the Blues, and even a little Country Music. The end result makes for a jam band that’s a little outside the norm, with dynamic live shows and songs you’ll find yourself remembering long after the fact. 

Derrick Numbers

Derrick is our go to for teaching kiddo's. As a dad of a 7 year old  has a passion for teaching young kids guitar and uke. Derrick spent the majority of his life as an Army Officer at Fort Bragg and other places around the world.

He now teaches and manages our website/marketing/and video portion of Casino Guitars and Casino Music Studios. Derrick graduated from Malone College in Ohio, where he recieved his bachelors degree in Music business working for a time at a record label in Nashville and and then later becoming an Army Officer.  

Teacher Welcome Videos's

Jonathan Robinson